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To All the Struggling Writers

March 8, 2012

Why do I write?


Wait, what?

I want to get lost in a world that is not this one. I want to have an existence outside this reality. Arguably, I can get that from reading and gaming but when I write, I hold the pen. I shape the world. Anything I need I can build it from imagination firmament and ink and paper.

Well then why this blog?

I can reach out, to you other writers, and you other refugees of reality. To readily share my world, to happily provide some entertainment,and hopefully, to communicate.*

*And to boldy split my infinitives.


I have kept a writing journal of sorts for years now.  It in I record ideas, no matter how vague, illustrate the scenery of my imagination to the best of my ability, and ask myself questions I can’t always answer.  Throughout there is one unifying theme, not so much a story I want to tell but a world I want to explore.  I’ve had this idea in my head, unshakeable, for so long, it’s time to get it out of my subconscious, out of my hectic scrapbooks and illegible scribbles, and into the world.  It’s  a project that I want to attack with both hands, a razor-sharp pen, a pair of hiking boots and a support community of writers and friends.

For all you other writers out there who struggle to put pen to paper, I urge you to keep a journal of your own.  It definitely does not have to be public, but it gives you a platform to test out ideas, take risks, ask yourself the questions no one wants to pose out loud, and most importantly, reflect on your own writing and writing processes (get in there with a highlighter and ask more questions!)  To get started I recommend asking yourself the most important question:

Why do you write?

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