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As soon as you put pen to paper, anything can happen.

March 10, 2012

So what do I write?

I want to explore worlds.  New worlds, alternate worlds, worlds within this one that I don’t know about.  This world.  There is no shortage of oddities and their tales here.

But what do I write?

I write about the world inside my head.

The project I am working on is a mutant byproduct of a story I wanted to tell long ago.  Essentially, a character had to go on a long and dramatic quest to get to a place that was not even an entire step away –  just the other side of a reflection.  When she asked why then the whole messy process (there’s got to be a better way!), the answer was blunt and true: because there has to be a journey.

I drafted a plan for the novel, but this concept tossed and turned in my mind.  The decision to make the story conscious of itself was an insomnia that froze my pen and, question by question, took me over.  Soon I realised that I didn’t want to tell a story about a character in a world anymore, I wanted to use this character to explore and experiment with the story world itself.

We know why we have protagonists and physical/mental journeys, and why we collapse years into a sentence while taking pages to describe a few moments.  We know how stories work and how to understand them, but take a step back, look, and look again at these natural/unnatural constructs.

I reiterate: as soon as you put pen to paper, anything can happen.  A writer should always be aware of this, and the constructs we use to tell our stories.  Knowing how the engine works makes it a whole lot easier to turbo charge it, solve problems, and escape from the mind-eating mutants, all without letting the gyroscope tip over.

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