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March 14, 2012

Here at blog post 4, it occurs to me that I haven’t properly introduced myself, or  lay down a manifesto that I can carelessly disregard as I paste up any shiny old bit of thing that flits across my attention span.

So I’m going to pin up the long-ago-written, lightly revised introduction to my Project:

I open my eyes and the world begins to sketch itself around me.





A spider scribbles across the ceiling of a cave made of vines and stone and leaves and sunlight.

Blink            sit up

look down and the body is shaded in.

Nothing to say, not learned how.  Not existed before this moment.

On my feet,      look at everything around

Outside. Trees.  A forest.  Each leaf a page unwritten.

I move my bare feet, one in front of the other

Eyes open.

Most of the pieces of this Project will (might) be more conventionally written; something like fictional essays about story.  There’s also the chance I’ll take every opportunity to mess with style and formatting and grammar, just to see what happens…(see disclaimer).



I’m not an expert, even at being an amateur.  I write for the love of it, and I study* it to improve.  I’m just a scientist performing experiments, an explorer hacking though jungle, an adventurer trekking the ranges, a philosopher hypothesising nonsense, but really a small child pretending to be all of these and asking ‘why?’ every five minutes in that annoying, arresting way.  But really a dreamer with a pen and a clickety mechanical keyboard.

*(at a real university, with real lecture theatres.)


Stay tuned – soon, when I’m satisfied with the creative house-keeping, the real work begins.

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