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Nowhere, Everywhere.

March 16, 2012

Beyond the trees there is nothing.  Blank, white Nowhere.

Anything that isn’t real exists nowhere, but everything that can be imagined has an existence somewhere, and this is the place.

Right, that made perfect sense.

She stares, and adjusts her goggles.  It is just a white emptiness from here but the longer she stands there the more thoughts have time to drift and chain in her mind.  And there is definitely something out there.  Slow flashes on the edge of recognition like old films projected through swirling mist; sounds like echoes of dreams of memories.  Anything could be down there; it follows then that everything is.

The only way to know would be to take a closer look. Hmm how to get down there.  Is it down, or just out? Or just there?

She waves a hand in front of here but this tells her nothing.  Dips a toe downward: just as informative.

Better to be safe than sorry.

She reaches up to the edge of the page and tears off a little corner.  Brings it up to her face and adjusts the goggles again.


She sits and tears off more around her.  Arranges the paper methodically and pulls her pen from her belt to add some ink to the construction.

A couple of straps, yes, draw on buckles to make it easier to get into, and – there.

She takes a moment to make sure the wings are strapped on tightly, before turning back and peering out into the white.   She plants her feet, gives the wings a test-flap, crouches, holds her nose just in case, and steps off.

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