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March 23, 2012

I have an assignment due for one of my courses next week.  It’s an open-topic reflective writing assignment, and I chose to reflect on how I have trouble focussing my tangled ideas into structure and sentence when it comes time to actually write.

I have all the ideas noted down but guess what.

I’m stuck.

So I turned to my creative writing endeavours to give my brain a bit of a warm up before I tackled that one. I flicked through my ideas journal, but every time I spotted an idea I wanted to explore, I just thought of more ideas and tangents instead focussing on just one and turning it into a proper piece of writing.

So I’m still stuck.

I sit back in my computer chair (high back, armrests, wide and deep enough to sit cross-legged in, and, of course, swivellable) and realise that my writing is suffering from being far too meta.  As a child I could write a novel every few months and wanted to show them to everyone, but as I aged my work was afflicted by that pesky teenage self-consciousness and treacherous self-criticism.  I wish I could write all my first drafts in innocence again, and then revise with a critical eye.  I spend far too much of my life looking over my own shoulder.  Write too many sentences as an editor, when nothing’s even set in stone yet.

To break the monotony, a picture.

A prototype for my story-trekker, based on the Aviator.

I think I have to write a few practise short stories before I get stuck into this project.  Short stories have always been a weakness of mine but flash fiction is just plain fun (brain-pulling, eyeball-squeezing, summit-topping-admiring-the-view-before-leaping-off-the-other-side fun)

Just to keep the wheels of this blogwagon greased, I’ve added some more quick sketches (Mysterious Mr Pinky)  and the only short story I’ve written this year.  Toasted Wiring was written for a 7 day flash-fiction challenge (something about fitting a seven-act story arch into a thousand-or-less word short story, from Terrible Minds so it’s short and rushed and silly and makes me chuckle.


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