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Driving the High Way. As in Clouds.

April 27, 2012

Wow! It’s been over a month since last I posted.  Time gets away from you when you’re stressed about study and an impending house-move; dancing the jive; getting sick; getting sick again; eating ramen; climbing a small mountain; and driving.


So much driving.


My weekly schedule includes around six solid hours of driving, in one and two hour blocks.  Most of it alone, a good part of it at night.  This seems rough but actually has two benefits.  One: I can listen to my choons loud enough to feel the bass end of the cello spectrum vibrating up through my feet (thank yooouuu cruise control).  Two: as I slip into highway autodrive mode, I can spend some quality time orienteering inside the unmapped sections of my head.



While my reality-brain focuses on the road and not being a hazard to everyone on and off the road, my whimsy-brain can harness the periphery of my vision to catch anything unusual.  Then, without anything better to do, it free-hand moulds these images and wisps into little maybe-story-fragments, without anything so final and sharp as a pen or computer screen.  (Although it turns out I can write on my arm while navigating a semi-rural highway at night.  Probably shouldn’t.)


Both of my latest pieces of flash fiction were sparked from things I saw on the road; and shaped by that particular week’s Terrible Minds flash fiction challenge.  I feel A De/composition could become something much better, but I’m quite happy with All the Signs despite taking only two days to write.  I had a lot of fun toying with internal monologue and observation to create a feel.  A week isn’t always enough time to write a story to its full potential, even a short 1000-worder; but I’m finding it a fantastic way to keep my brain ticking – always looking for a story, always cogitating ideas instead of letting them drift away on the wind.


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