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Rainy days and Too Much Coffee

May 25, 2012

For a writer, I sure haven’t been doing a lot of writing.  University assignments, while stimulating, do not count towards my creative writing goals.

Two new flash-fiction-challenge additions since last I posted, ‘must love dinosaurs’ The Thrill-a-Minute World of Raptocross Racing, and ‘paint colour title’ Grasshopper Wings.  Just finished Grasshopper Wings; something about freezing rainy weather makes me reflective and also brutal to grammar.  It brings out the commas.  I am very curious to see how reader’s respond to the right-justification form; I played with it in Raptocross as well, but used it a lot more here.  I also want to improve the style of voice I’ve used in these two (moreso in Grasshopper), but I’m not sure how readable it is.  Is it confusing? I know I know what I mean but…. Boy, wouldn’t it be lovely to get some feedback!

Other rainy-day reflections: I need to set aside more writing time.  I’m letting my study overwhelm me and stress me out.  I’m drinking way too many cups of coffee.  Writing is hard but I also get so much joy out of it – out of just sitting back and imagining what it would be like if the world was different.  And an extra kick telling others about it.

On the other hand, I am improving my latte art.

For me, storytelling is a two-ended stick.  A communication.  I think of my day job the same way.  It’s hard(-er than sitting around playing video games) but I gotta eat, so I attack it with gusto, put a little effort in – and it’s all so worth it when a customer takes that first sip of their coffee and let out a contented little sigh.  (Also once I realised I could make pretty pictures in crema and milk froth how could I not play around with it? Fun for me, and an extra delight for the drinker.  At least the ones who look at it before smushing it all up with sugar and stirring, grumble mutter grr….)

But back to writing, I love that different people will interpret the things I write in different ways, especially my nanoisms (one or 2 sentence-long stories that I try to post to Facebook daily to amuse my friends…hmm might start loading some of my favourites – usually the most ambiguous – here onto the blogwagon) and I really enjoy hearing the responses.  If I ever publish anything, I hope my readers will come and find my blog, and tell me what they think, what they got out of my words, what it reminded them of, what they didn’t like, and how they see it.

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