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Imagination and Memory, Fickle Servants.

June 1, 2012

And this week, a cruel/fascinating writing task which involved a nonsense-spouting random sentence generator (but oh, man, I’m freakin’ all about nonsense!*).  I clicked, and the generator bestowed unto me “The right rabbit lurks.”  This called to mind a nano-fiction post I wrote months ago when, after a string of rather dark-toned oddities, I promised a post about sunshine and bunnies.  I never said the sunshine wouldn’t be radioactive and the bunnies wouldn’t be crazed mutant behemoths.  So now, expanding on that general theme, Sunshine and Bunnies.  The challenge was to either begin or end with the sentence, and just to see if I could, I did both.  However the coda ending is optional.  I think I like the story better without it – but it was a fun experiment anyway.

Did I start this post in the middle of a thought? I must be distracted.  And I have no idea where I intended to go from here.  This happens to me often – I’ll get up for a moment, or be doing something else and WOOSH the perfect sentence precipitates in all its crystalline beauty on the side of my skull.  Race to pen and paper and >ˇ< !  – gone.  Evaporated, or dissolved back into the creative solution. And there’s no bringing it back.




(*And Adventure Time.)

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  1. August 9, 2012 8:24 pm

    Hi Ilona! I came over here because I absolutely loved your opening sentence contribution over on — imagine my delight to see something about radioactive bunnies and Adventure Time. (I am also in love with such things.)

    In any case – wonderful opening sentence! It tickled my brain enough that I wanted to come over to say thanks for sharing it.

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