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All the Signs

I’m really not sure how fast I should be going.  There’s no signs on any of the signposts.  Must have been in my own world, didn’t notice til just now.

No one else on the road to follow either.   Not always a good idea anyway.


Huh. Maybe they’re changing the limit here?  No roadwork or temporary signs though.  And the posts are still there.  Huh.

I’ll just keep going and hope there’s no speed cameras around.


Odd.  A massive billboard frame, but its empty.  Not even a blank board.  Good way to advertise, ha.

Probably just new.  Looks a bit post-apocalyptic though, especially with that backdrop.  All that scaffolding, rearing up against the sky, but no message.  No one was here, and did nothing.

Whoa, eyes on the road.


Here we go!  A direction sign.  Move, trees.  What – blank?  Not even an impression of the lettering.


This one too?


Actually when was the last time I passed an exit?


What’s going on?

Just posts and stakes and frames and scaffolds, no guidance –

There’s a metaphor here somewhere I just can’t find it, ha ha.

– Seriously!   What’s going on?


Wait here’s one – definitely something on it –




That’s not a real sign – is the paint still dripping?  Speed up, slow down, go back, too late?

Behind and ahead look exactly the same.  Just . . . road.


Another one:




Oh God.  Where’s the next one.

Come on, come on . . .


Come on.






Brakes –



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