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Dog Day’s Night


This drawing started with the desire to draw a dog and the need for a new cover image for Facebook.  I stared at some Reg Mombassa artwork for a while, tilted my head towards surreal, completely missed what I was aiming for, and ended up with this washed-out, almost four-toned landscape.  I really like the almost cut-out look of the different picture elements; the dog definitely looks stuck-on.  I think I’ll try more in this style.  Also, thankyou Corel Painter, for letting a casual sketchist like me draw and re-draw and fiddle and paint make layers and erase and scribble really really hard, without even the threat of wearing a hole in the paper or my patience.

“The dog let out a small barque, which skimmed across the hills nightwards, to the sea.”

Strangely though, I came up with the pun after finishing the sketch.


I might also have been subconsciously inspired by (although I’ve only just remembered it) a book I saw as a child, which I haven’t been able to find since.  It was full of surreal landscapes, cut into two or three strips so that you could make up even weirder vistas by mixing and matching tops and bottoms.  I vaguely remember candle flames on top of tall pillars.  Does anyone know what this book was?

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