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Mysterious Mr Pinky

I have these sketches saved under the filename “Mr Pinky” because his pinkies are extended, but I need to think of something better for him.  He looks like he’s creating a story for himself and I don’t want to embarass him.

A good use of my History of the English Language tutorial

The pinky thing was actually accidental. This is what is written next to him: “so much of what I do is accidental. I scribbled in his hands and it was only after I finished I realised that his pinkies sticking out like that perfectly round off his character.”  You’ll also notice I switch between old fashioned cursive capital ‘I’s and the modern downward-slash method; I’m sure this says something about my personality (it’s ‘graphology,’ the study of handwriting. I could tell you were wondering.)

I’m quite pleased I’m getting better at redrawing the same character – the Aviator has a markedly different head shape in the second two of the series.  I’m not actually sure if I prefer the angular, characterful original, or the more polished version.

It’s a little box with a handle, that he’s stowing there. I didn’t even know these guys had that ability – and again, the handle on the box is a complete accident.  I didn’t even see it until the second time I looked at it, I just scribbled in a vague squarish lump.  I think it’s important that it has a handle though.


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